Your guide to bingo promotions: Part 1


It’s no secret that online bingo sites can be profitable. With the chance to play tons of cards at once, you can make a killing. But did you know you could actually win without playing? And did you know you could cash in without actually finishing a bingo card?

With Bingo promotions, you have a huge opportunity to win a lot more. At, we’ve got tons of incentives to jump online and have fun with your friends. Today, we’re looking at some of the most popular Bingo promotions at

Deposit Bonuses

One of the biggest and most popular promotions happens before you even sit down to play. With the deposit bonus, you get free $25 in cash to play with upon signup. And you also get a 600% bonus on your deposit, so you’ll have more money to play with at the bingo tables.

Team Specials

Bingo is all about finishing your card first. Before anyone else. Even before your friends. But at, you actually get rewarded to play as a team with Team Bingo Specials. Join a team and play bingo as normal. You’ll win extra prizes based on how many bingo wins you lock up as a team.

Bingo Bounty

This one is definitely a big player favorite. Filling up Bingo cards is one thing, and you know you’ll get paid if you’re the first to do it. But wouldn’t it be cool to get paid to not fill up a bingo card? It happens with Bingo Bounty. Fill up a certain pre-determined pattern while playing at select tables and you could pop a $25 jackpot. That means you’ll get paid even without winning. We can see why this is extremely popular.

VIP Specials

Bingo is open to everyone, but some rooms are reserved for our most valuable players. You’ll get an invite to a VIP Invitational Special if you’ve bought enough bingo cards or deposited enough online. And the specials are weekly, so there’s always a new chance to become a VIP.

Holiday Themed Specials

While some promotions run throughout the year, others pop up exclusively for different holidays. You might find a special Valentine’s Day promo, one for St. Patrick’s Day, another for Christmas, and so on, so it’s important to keep your eyes open.

Looking for more Bingo promos? Check out what’s on offer this week on the promotions page of