Which one is better: Bingo or Keno?


Many newbie bingo players or those who are about to dive in the world of bingo think that Keno is just another name for the same game. Well, this is definitely not the truth! Of course, they do have quite much in common but when it comes to the way these two games are played, Bingo and Keno are rather different.

Real Bingo players and gamblers know that there are many differences between bingo and Keno and the way they are played. Based on them, one can decide whether bingo or keno is a better a better game to play according to your own of playing.

Let’s take a look and help you choose which of these games suits you the most:

Difference between Bingo and Keno Cards

As you might already know when playing Bingo you have to buy a card that has random numbers printed on it. The cards are valid only for one specific game or the day and they should be used accordingly.

Unfortunately, in bingo you do not get to choose the number, they are generated before the play absolutely randomly. When it comes to Keno, picking numbers happens in a little different way. You get the opportunity to choose numbers (usually between one and twenty) on your own. You receive a blank card and mark the numbers and then register it for one or more game. So, you are in more control of situation when playing Keno rather than bingo.

It is all about control!

There is the same difference between bingo and Keno when it comes to betting and risking your money. There is a very little chance of losing much money when playing bingo as the cards cost a set number and there is nothing you can do about the stakes; the bets do not vary and the only factor that affects your expense is the number of cards you decide to play on each game. Now Keno gives you more freedom when it comes to betting. The players make decision on how much to place on each game and also for how many games the specific set of number will be used. Accordingly, there is more risk of losing money, but also there is a chance of winning big.

If before reading this article you thought that bingo and keno were exactly the same then you are probably not on the same idea now. These differences mentioned above, clarify that bingo and keno vary in quite important point. It is hard to say that one is better than the other. Every player has to understand what he/she is looking for and judge the two games accordingly.