Which Bingo Game to Play?

Find the Right Games to Play

Is this your first step into the world of online Bingo? When you search for online Bingo games, you'll find that certain Bingo sites offer 75 Ball Bingo and some bingo sites are providing 90 Ball Bingo. Are you confused about which bingo game you must be playing? Is 90 Ball Bingo more interesting or 75 Ball Bingo which is more thrilling? Well, this Bingo article can help you decide which Bingo games can get you sitting upright all through your Bingo game online.

Find the Difference

Before finding out that which Bingo game can provide you with an unmatched free bingo games experience, it is very important to know the basic difference between the Bingo variations. 75 Ball Bingo is played with a bingo card having 24 numbers ranging from 1 to 75. On the other hand, 90 Ball Bingo is played with 15 numbers ranging from 1 to 90.

Now you can examine which Bingo game is better than the other. The advantages of one Bingo game over the other can help you decide as to which bingo game offers an enhanced Bingo thrill. 75 Ball Bingo is more interesting in terms of Bingo patterns. It offers a huge variety of Bingo patterns ranging from the coverall to the more interesting ones like, diamond, cruise ships and many more. Whereas, 90 Ball Bingo offers only typical Bingo patterns like, three lines and coverall. Playing on these typical Bingo patterns can be very monotonous at times.

What players prefer?

Players usually like to play those free bingo games which are easier and less time consuming. The game of 75 Ball Bingo is shorter than the 90 Ball Bingo game as it is played with 75 numbers only. Plus, it also offers small Bingo patterns like, the postage stamp and inside diamonds where you just need to daub four numbers.

Another recent entrant is the 80 Ball Bingo which is supposed to be an "in-between"; variation -in so far as the number of balls is concerned. While the patterns are diverse, they are not unique to the game. The speed at which the game is played, is purportedly faster than in the other two games.

So, by now you must have decided which Bingo game can offer you a better variety and superior thrill. Have fun playing with the 75 Ball Bingo! Oh, by the way it is very much available on 123onlinebingo.com.