What are the Biggest Bingo Cash Prizes Ever Awarded


Bingo is a traditional game that people of all ages enjoy playing already for decades all around the world. If years ago bingo was mostly played by elderly people just for having fun, now things are quite different. Bingo can actually make you a big time winner with all the amazing jackpots that halls or online sites have to offer. Many players have already won prizes that have changes their lives forever and here are some of the biggest bingo cash prizes ever awarded.

Majority who keep an eye on bingo industry have probably heard the name Soraya Lowell. In March of 2008, she was lucky to win one of the biggest cash prizes in the history of bingo that was 1.2 million National Bingo game along with its jackpot. Soraya Lowell was 38 at that moment and worked as a cleaner. She is from Hamilton, Scotland and has four children. The “funny” thing is that she actually kept her regular job after winning the jackpot. It should be remarked that the lucky winner shared half of her winning with her bingo companion and neighbor Agnes O’neil; they were together on the game as well.

Before Soraya Lowell, Christine Bradfield was known as person awarded the greatest bingo cash prize ever. A Bargoed, Caerphilly resident managed to hit a jackpot of 1.1 million. January 27, 2008, it was a Sunday night session at the bingo club, which appeared to be more than just a good day for a 53 year old mother of two. Christine was a regular player at the Castle Club in Mertyr Tydfil already for 11 years. As a job, she owned a garage and her new found status and fame did not change this fact. Just like Soraya, she vowed everyone and returned to her regular job.

Even though these are the two main names in the history of greatest bingo cash prizes, there are others who wowed the crowd as well: For example, William Hills who actually set the world record for the fastest win in bingo ever. Darryl Howe, did not fall back much either, he claimed a full house and won a jackpot of 18 000 after only 23 calls.

All these stories are more than enough to validate the fact that those who play bingo have great chances of winning big. All they need is simply patience and belief!