Under the B…Burger!


I have two loves in life: Bingo and Hamburgers. All right, all right. Don’t tell my significant other. If she finds out she didn’t make the list, I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight.

But that’s cool. After spending a typical night out eating burgers and playing Bingo, I usually plop myself down on the sofa, turn on the TV to pretty much anything, and fall asleep. Making my way to the bedroom is never in the cards.

So imagine my surprise just last week when I came across a news story that involves two of my biggest loves: BINGO BURGER!

Yup, this is a real restaurant. If you don’t live in Colorado, you’ve probably never heard of it. The original Bingo Burger sits in Pueblo, Colorado, but on August 21st, the newest location in Colorado Springs, Colorado opened its doors to much fanfare.

I had the opportunity to make it out to Bingo Burger for the second restaurant location opening. I live about 3 hours from Colorado Springs, but I asked my boss here at 123BingoOnline.com to cover my gas money and food bill so I can report on the historic opening, all in the name of news. They agreed, as long as I reported on the opening day festivities. So here goes.

The casual dining restaurant features gourmet hamburgers and hand-cut French fries. But it’s the atmosphere that will get any Bingo fan excited. The whole place really screams Bingo. Not in a cheesy, smoky Bingo hall kind of way. But rather in a community atmosphere kind of way.

A reclaimed basketball floor has been reassembled and turned into high-top tables for people to eat at, something that’s familiar to Bingo players across the country who have enjoyed a game in a community center gymnasium. And if you’re ever played Bingo in a church basement, you’ll love this. Some of the seating is actually made up of former church pews.

The restaurant is adorned with a gorgeously gray back wall that features a Bingo card with various squares and random numbers.

Of course, Bingo Burger is about way more than just getting the Bingo theme right. It’s about hitting the mark in the food department. Bingo Burger features some of the most delicious locally grown food I’ve ever savored, including San Luis Valley potatoes, grass-fed Colorado beef, and St. Charles Mesa Pueblo Chilies, They even have Hopscotch Bakery-churned ice cream and locally crafted beverages.

The only thing they didn’t have was a live Bingo game taking place while you eat. Of course, I solved that pretty quickly by firing up my Ultrabook and logging in to 123BingoOnline.com.

If you’re ever in Colorado, make the trip to Bingo Burger. It’s worth the trip, whether you’re a Bingo fan or not.