UK News Site uses Bingo to poke fun at Political Debate

innerdebateuk04062015If you’ve ever seen politicians debate, you’re probably familiar with the tried and tested formula that most use.

First, somebody asks a thought provoking questions that, if answered correctly, could provide some serious insight into a candidate’s thoughts on tough issues. Then, the candidate dances around the question with clichés and meaningless dribble in an effort to avoid saying anything that could cause a divide in his or her supporters.

Finally, having sufficiently turned the focus away from the topic at hand, the candidate falls to a familiar saying or phrase that perfectly panders to his or her target demographic.

These delicious sound bites are like candy to many politicians. After all, what could be better than having the sentence you chose to define your campaign repeated a million times throughout the 24-hour cable news cycle? While it may be great for politicians, it can lead to mild nausea among viewers. That’s why Manchester Evening News has used the high likelihood of predictability to construct the latest in a long line of creative twists on the classic bingo formula.

Leaders’ Debates Bingo is specially crafted for the UK’s 2015 General Election, but the idea could catch fire as the race for the White House continues to ramp up back in the States. Did someone just say, “I wouldn’t rule that out…”? If so, you may be able to claim a spot on your bingo board. “Time for a change,” said the man at the podium. That’s another spot marked off the board! No longer will informed voters be forced to fight back the nausea as their favorite candidates employ relentless streams of irrelevant thoughts. Instead, you’ll feel the genuine excitement of closing in on a bingo victory.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: let’s turn this game into a drinking game! Let us take this opportunity to remind you that political debate is like a festival of clichés and sound bites. In other words, we can’t take any responsibility for your hangover the next day. Keep it responsible, and have a great time!

With all jokes aside, it’s never a bad idea to remain informed regarding the political happenings in your area. If using bingo in this way makes dry debate into a more interesting, exciting option for voters, there’s no harm to it. In fact, it is yet another way that the classic game can be used to inspire positive results in the community.

Bingo’s simple, customizable rules and strong social dynamic make it a great option for a variety of settings. As people around the globe continue to turn to bingo as a source of both entertainment and education, expect the game to persist with its rapid growth in popularity. Whether you prefer to play with family and friends on a family game night, online from the comfort of your home or at a local bingo establishment with members of your community, there are few options that can match bingo’s ability to bring people together for a fun and memorable experience.