Travel Bingo ideas to pass the time

innertravel11032016Thinking of taking a vacation? Good call. Whether you’re hitting the road, flying somewhere warm, or taking a cruise, it can be a lot of fun. But it can also be boring, especially if you’re driving or have more downtime than you really want.

Today, we’re showing you how to make your adventure more entertaining with genius travel Bingo ideas. Feel free to turn these ideas into Bingo cards and add your own squares to make things even more interesting.

On a cruise ship

A Titanic reference—First-time cruise ship travelers are pretty much guaranteed to make a Titanic reference the first time they get on the boat. Whether it has to do with hoping you don’t hit an iceberg or claiming you’re King of the World, a Titanic reference is guaranteed to happen. When it does, daub that card.

Drunk frat boys —No matter what cruise ship you’re on, you’re guaranteed to run into drunk frat boys. I’ve even been on a family Alaskan cruise where the average age is 65 and witnessed drunk college kids who clearly just turned 21 (it’s more common on Caribbean cruises where the drinking age might be 18).

Someone getting seasick—It’s not just Titanic references that are guaranteed for first-time cruisers. While today’s ships feel like hotels, and while you don’t even notice that you’re on a cruise ship half the time, some people still get seasick. When you see it happen, daub your card (unless of course someone vomiting makes you sick, in which case run away).

A conga line—There’s no reason to do a conga line. Ever. Maybe at a wedding, but even then, that’s debatable. But for some reason, all rules fly out the window when you’re in the middle of the ocean. When you see a conga line break out, you’re closer to that Bingo card. Extra points if everyone is wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Within a city

Stop signs—If you’re driving within a city, there’s no shortage of stop signs.

Roundabouts—These are more common in the UK, though you can find these traffic calmers in the United States and Canada, primarily within subdivisions.

Trucks—Whether we’re talking pickup trucks or 18-wheelers, trucks make great symbols for Bingo cards.

Yield signs—Yield signs are far less common than stop signs, so they help slow down the Bingo game if you want to make it last longer.

Motorcycles—Kids get a kick out of seeing motorcycles, so not only will this help them grab a spot on their Bingo card, but it’ll also make them smile.

Bicycles—Extra points if you can find someone on a bicycle in the winter, with 12 inches of snow on the ground.

Traffic Lights—While they might seem ubiquitous, if you’re travelling through a small town, traffic lights could be hard to come by.

On a freeway

Buses—It’s true that Buses are commonplace in a city as a primary mode of transportation, but when you’re in a freeway, you may not notice a bus for a long time. If you do, chances are it’s a coach bus. To make things interesting, you could have separate squares for a coach buses and city buses.

Construction signs—It’s not all smooth sailing on freeways. Construction pops up every now and then, annoying everyone who’s trying to get somewhere. But it doesn’t have to annoy your kids, nor does it have to cause people to scream “Are we there yet?”. Instead, it could actually make everyone smile, especially if they have a construction sign on their Bingo card. Theoretically, you could have lots of construction symbols, including bumpy road, slow down signs, caution, swerving road, and more.

Construction workers—There’s nothing worse than seeing construction signs without actual construction workers, but it happens a lot. For that reason, actual construction workers make a great addition to a Bingo card.

Criminals—Yes, some states still make inmates head to the side of the highway, chained to one another, to pick up garbage. It’s rare, but it happens. And when it does happen, there’s no reason to be afraid because having them on your Bingo card could be lucrative.
Police cars

On a plane

Crying baby—There’s nothing worse than a crying baby on a plane, but instead of sighing in anger you could find yourself screaming “Yes!”, particularly if you have a crying baby on your Bingo card.

Seatbelt sign on for turbulence—The seatbelt sign is always lit for takeoff and landing, but the captain turns it off when it’s smooth sailing. While it’s always a good idea to keep your seatbelt on when seated in case of sudden turbulence, the sign isn’t always lit up. When it does light up fasten your seatbelt and grab your Bingo dauber because you’ll be on your way to hitting a Bingo sooner than you think.

Captain in the cabin—Captains belong in the cockpit, but every now and then they emerge to use the washroom or stretch, particularly on long flights (don’t worry, a first officer is usually flying the plane). When the captain shows up, go ahead and fill in your Bingo card.

Peanuts served—Due to allergy reasons, many flights have stopped serving peanuts. However, on some airlines, they still hand them out. If they do (and assuming you’re not allergic to peanuts), it’s your lucky day, not just because they’re delicious, but also because they could help you fill a spot on your Bingo card.

Wherever you travel, don’t forget your laptop

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