Slots Tournaments

Go Crazy with Slots Tournaments!

Full of agility and stacked with lavish offers... that's what this spinning beauty- the game of slots is all about!

And when these full of action slot games are tagged on to the rich slots tournaments...they get even naughtier 😉

Online casino slot tournaments promise loads of thrill with the minimal risks and extensive cash winning opportunities. 123Bingo too realizes this and henceforth puts together some grand slots tournaments thus bringing to you an opportunity to win guaranteed cash prizes and BBs.

So, if you are all set to take up the challenge on online slots tournaments and reel some BIG cash, just do as follows:

  • Deposit the pre-decided fee to gain an entry to the respective slots tournament. This fee can either be a particular amount of deposit that you are supposed to make with us in a particular span of time or a stipulated fee that you need to deposit to get an entry into the tournament.
  • Once in the tournament, you'll be provided with certain amount of chips to play a limited number of spins.
  • You win the tournament if you succeed in scoring the maximum wins within the specific number of spins.
  • 123Bingo also features another category of slot tournaments wherein you win if you manage to score the highest win in a single pull.

123Bingo organizes these slot tournaments all through the week and on weekends as well, thus providing you with the life transforming adventure all through your gaming experience with us.

So, hurry up! Make a deposit, raise a ticket to get enrolled in the challenging online slots tournaments of your choice and set the reels rolling to stash your pockets with scads of money. Have a blast!