Bingo Tournaments

Some Bingo Tourney Highlights!

Something challenging and something BIG! If that's what you are looking for... bingo tournaments on 123Bingo are worth a try!

Engrossing tournaments tagged on to the regular bingo games will surely make you fall in love with us.

And the good news is that they are both paid and free! Here have a look.

  • Paid Bingo Tournaments: There are certain online bingo tournaments where you need to purchase an entry into the tournament...obviously by paying certain amount of entry fee. This fee can also be in the form of a particular deposit that you need to make on 123Bingo over a specific period of time.
  • Free Bingo Tournaments: Some bingo tournaments on 123Bingo are absolutely free and can get you a free entry into the tournament. No deposits, no fees and no restrictions... just play bingo tournaments and win!

Once you are in the tournament, you have ample opportunities to win incredible prizes but remember there may be different touchstones for different online bingo tournaments. So, don't forget to glance through the bingo tournament rules before depositing the fee.

The benchmarks on which your win is decided in an online bingo tournament can be something like:

  • Being among the first three players to wager the most (purchasing maximum bingo cards) gets your hands on the most amazing cash prizes.
  • Chasing a specific bingo pattern all through the tournament gets you some unbelievable wins. Just play and bingo on certain special bingo patterns. You win if you manage to collect the maximum number of these selected bingo patterns by the end of the tournament.

123Bingo organizes these paid and free bingo tournaments on monthly, weekly and daily basis.

This means that when you are on 123Bingo, you'll never be short of opportunities to try your luck on some ravishing bingo tourneys and win something BIG!! Enjoy!