Toronto Mayor Rob Ford And Bingo Cards


You don’t have to live in Toronto, Canada to know that the city is headed by one of the biggest characters on the face of the planet. Mayor Rob Ford, also known as the Crack Mayor, is a larger-than-life caricature of himself.

He rode into office four years ago promising to end the “gravy train” at City Hall, basically saying that he’s going to cut wasteful spending on stuff the city doesn’t need.

Over the past few years, he’s spoken about how he saved the taxpayers $1 billion (debatable) and put 100+ cranes in the sky (also debatable). He’s uttered words like “I’m not perfect” and he’s talked over and over again about saving taxpayers from paying double land transfer tax.

Before you close this article because you think none of this has anything to do with Bingo, hear us out

There’s an election happening in Toronto this October. And there are a ton of candidates vying for the Mayor’s job. That should be easy given the fact that the Mayor has admitted to smoking crack, that he was caught in a photo posing with gang members (one of whom was killed), that he was caught on video in a fit of rage going on and on about how he’s going to kill someone, and, well, we could go on for days. But people seem to like Rob Ford because he’s not perfect. He’s not a politician. He’s just a regular Joe trying to help people (he’s also a multi-millionaire, but that doesn’t get talked about too much).

Anyway, back to Bingo. So, there’s an election coming up. And there are a lot of phrases being uttered over and over again by Rob Ford. And there are other phrases being uttered by other candidates.

Yahoo! Canada got in on the action by creating a Toronto Mayoral Debate Bingo card. The board features popular Rob Ford stuff like Crack (which he smoked), Pride Parade (which he refused to attend), Doug Ford (who is his brother), Jimmy Kimmel (which he appeared on a few weeks ago), and Crack (yes we already said Crack, but we’ll repeat it just to hammer home the message that this election is way too ridiculous).

There are also other non-Ford things on the bingo card, like Toronto Hydro, Downtown relief line (related to subways), Island Airport, David Miller (a former mayor), and Gardiner Expressway (a contentious elevated highway that divides the city from the waterfront, and one that some people want to keep and others want torn down).

The point of the Bingo card is to follow along at home. Every time a word on the card is mentioned, you check it off. Now we’re guessing if you’re playing at home, everyone has the same card. So that means technically everyone playing along will win. But hey, we never said this is the perfect Bingo game. It’s a bit flawed, much like Toronto’s mayor, who could actually get reelected.

There should be a lot of debates happening between now and October. So we recommend printing the card out or creating multiple cards with your own phrases. Even if you don’t live in Toronto, this could be the most interesting election ever. And the most fun, thanks to Bingo!