Thunder Bay Bingo Hall Modernizes Operations With Electronic Format


The Thunder Bay Community Bingo hall is moving. And they’re not just moving locations. They’re also moving to the future. The club announced that they’re modernizing their bingo operations by making the move to an electronic format.

“It’s no secret Bingo’s been on the decline for years,” noted Iris McCoy-Slongo, the Thunder Bay Community Bingo manager. “This is kind of a way to try and enhance the game [and] give it a new, a new whole look.”

In just a few months, the bingo hall located in Northern Ontario, Canada, will find a new home at the old Tonic nightclub near the Super 8 motel. The property is being renovated from the ground up to accommodate its new home.

In addition to modernize its operations by moving to an electronic bingo format, the new bingo club is also shortening the length of each bingo session from 2 hours to 4 hours. That’s in keeping with the shorter attention spans that today’s younger bingo players tend to have. The shorter sessions would allow people who are used to playing online bingo make the move to live bingo without feeling bored.

Shortening things to keep people’s interest is nothing new. When Phantom of the Opera was brought to Las Vegas, the producers shortened the play from nearly three hours to just over 1.5 hours. Speaking of Vegas, some bingo halls there offer 1-hour sessions, but 2-hour tends to be common near The Strip, so Thunder Bay’s new format will be in keeping with what’s done elsewhere.

The new location and electronic format isn’t the only change being made. The bingo hall is being renamed Superior Shores Gaming Centre.

There’s no word on whether the new gaming center will eventually have casino games like slots and table games, but that could very well be the case in the near future. It’s important to note, however, that the bingo hall is actually a charity owned and operated gaming center. That means that revenue generated goes to support dozens of different charities.

This is an all-around great move for the Thunder Bay bingo hall. It’s no secret that land-based bingo revenue has been on the decline in North America. While it still remains immensely popular on the other side of the pond in the UK, North Americans are choosing to stay home and play online bingo.

As huge bingo fans ourselves, we love both the online world and the live bingo experience. Internet bingo is great, but every now and then it’s nice to connect with the real world and experience the game in a real-world setting. We hope this move to shorter games in a more modern environment gets people out to the hall for some good old fashioned (or should we say modern) bingo.