Three Eyed Bingo

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Its Time to Play Three Eyed Bingo

Bingo is played in various forms. There are different types of Bingo games. Three Eyed Bingo is one such game and is considered very challenging game among all Bingo games. This game is different from Seventy Five Ball Bingo and the Ninety Ball Bingo games. The cards in Three Eyed Bingo game may contain letters in the place of numbers.

In Three Eyed Bingo, players try to match a pattern rather than rows and columns. The game starts with a set up of three cards and all the patterns in the three cards are matched. Unlike the traditional bingo cards, here in Three Eyed Bingo, there is an eyeball rather than free squares at the centre of the card.

Three eyed Bingo games are played in land based Bingo halls and also through online gaming. Normal Bingo cards are used to play this in land based halls. In online bingo sites we can find very detailed instructions on all the rules of the game. There are many icons that have to be clicked to play bingo. Once you win, the winning amount is displayed on the screen. You can constantly keep an eye on your winning amount.

It is very easy to follow the game on online Bingo sites. You need to just open an account with a bingo site that offers Three Eyed Bingo. This game is a faster version of normal Bingo because sometimes this game is completed within five minutes. Many free bingo sites offer good bonuses and exciting prizes in this game of Three Eyed Bingo.

Three Eyed Bingo is a new gaming experience with a different thrill. Many top Bingo sites offer free play features to familiarize the game to the gamers. You can play this version and enjoy the Three Eyed Bingo game till you play with real money and get rewards and bonuses.