The Online Bingo Newspaper

How popular do you think you Bingo is? There is news for you. Bingo is now in news too. Where once Bingo was in newspapers only to announce annual Bingo nights or national Bingo challenges, Bingo now has dedicated newspapers.

The game, played on all continents – almost every country – in both the online and traditional formats, has really come of age. Now everything that you ever wanted to know about the free Bingo games is there at your disposal.

Want to know why the entire nation of Sweden comes to halt, watching or playing a Bingo game on national TV? Want to know if Bingo is being played in the rainforests of the remotest of countries? Want to know the latest versions of the free online bingo games doing the rounds in Ireland?

Get all this and more of one of the most celebrated games of the world and it all started because of one man's love for the game.

In 1980, Robert Snowden started Bingo Bugle. The newspaper aimed to help the waning charitable bingo organizations and other Bingo establishments. Starting circulation in Tacoma, Washington, today the newspaper has a circulation of more than 1 million.

Bringing to you news about the Bingo games – online Bingo, free Bingo or the traditional Bingo, from all over the world, Bingo Bugle has now become a national newspaper! It serves all forms of Bingo and takes the account of all possible Bingo games – from the smallest of the local games to the high stakes one! Reaching from hall to hall, spanning the websites, Bingo Bugle is the undisputed expert on Bingo games. The local editions of the newspapers have definitely rocked the Bingo playing population!