The coolest bingo halls in Latin America

innerquilmes01292016Bingo Halls are of course common all over the world. Some are really cool landmarks in different places and some are the “go to” place to have fun in a few small towns. So far we have taken you on a journey through the coolest bingo halls in Europe, this time we’re showing you what Latin America has to offer. From Guatemala to Argentina, we’re going to show you where you can have the best bingo fun while visiting these warm, culture rich countries.

First of all, there is something really interesting when it comes to bingo halls in Latin America: except for Mexico, where bingo halls as we know them may not be as common (usually they are found at casinos) and what they play is actually a bingo variation they call “lotería”, bingo is a very beloved activity and bingo halls are actually places where people not only go to play, but also to have some drinks, watch sports games and enjoy some really good cuisine. Let’s take a look:

Super Bingo, Guatemala

This wonderful bingo hall has fun activities for everyone, most of them related to bingo: bingo for kids, karaoke, old classic bingo games and even fund raisers. They will also take care of any events for hire. Not only Super Bingo is a nice place where people can truly have a wonderful time, even with their family, but also, they have their own foundation: Fundación Super Bingo, which allows them to help people with different needs through their solidarity Bingo. So, if you have planned on visiting the mind blowing city of Antigua, of the breath taking Tikal, make some time to visit this cool bingo hall while in Guatemala.

Bingo Marbella, El Salvador

Located in Paseo General Escalón, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, Bingo Marbella is definitely a must visit place for any Bingo lover that happens to visit this very small, but loving country. With a handful of different jackpots always available, and different activities and themed nights all year round, Bingo Marbella offers players with a truly unique experience with good food, good music, and the most important thing, good bingo games.

Gran Bingo Multicolor, Costa Rica

This bingo Hall has not only been open for a very long time, it has one of the most wonderful features any bingo lover could wish for: it is open 24 hours!!! The Gran Bingo Multicolor in Costa Rica is located conveniently in downtown San Jose, the country’s capital city, and not only offers bingo fun all day and night, it also has a delicious restaurant and a fun sports bar with big screens where you can enjoy all main sports events. Also they live music shows, karaoke and themed nights all year round! Not to Costa Rica offers many amazing locations to visit like lush rainforests and pristine beaches.

Bingo Quilmes, Argentina

Argentina is a well-known bingo paradise in Latin America: not only is the country big enough to be home of several very cool bingo halls, people truly enjoy this game and make a regular activity for people of all ages. Bingo Quilmes in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is lovely as it is a traditional bingo hall that depicts the classic feel of the game. It can offer a sitting place for 550 people for regular bingo games as well as many electronic bingo machines. Besides keeping Bingo real, Quilmes offers a VIP room, slot machines and even a poker room where people can have fun playing digital Texas Hold ‘em.

It is important to keep in mind that gambling and games of luck are regulated differently in every country: it really doesn’t hurt to take a look at each countries gambling laws before visiting and most importantly, you should always check on money exchange rates prior entering any bingo hall or casino outside of your country of origin. You don’t want to find a terrible surprise in bankroll just because you didn’t know exchange rates well enough.

On this note, we will also like to remind you that practice makes perfect and attention span can be improved by playing regularly and, since you can’t always visit the bingo halls around, 123Bingo Online is here to give you long hours of cool fun in our bingo chat rooms and with our tournaments which take place every day of the year. Care to joins us today?