The Best Vintage Bingo


I was invited to a bingo party two weeks ago. Nothing really new with that, since as you very well know, I’m a bingo nerd. Anyhow, I do have to say that I have found a way to have friends who share the passion and might disagree with me, because they actually call themselves “bingo geeks.” Yeah, it seems important to mark a difference between the two. (lol)

You might wonder why I start this post talking about a bingo party, since there’s nothing really new about that. However, I have to mention that my friend Kimmy managed to throw the most original party I have ever attended. Her apartment is quite small, so she actually put all of her living room furniture in her guest room and turned her living room into a small bingo hall with three lines of rectangular tables facing the bingo caller’s position.

Up until this point, I wasn’t that impressed. However, Kimmy decorated the whole room with burnt-like paper that she had printed with old fashioned bingo cards. The tables were also covered with the same paper. I don’t know where she got recordings of live bingo games from the fifties and they were playing in her stereo.

But then, I saw the cherry on the sundae. The bingo game that we were going to play, was a retro bingo. Like if it was taken out of the fifties. The cartons were so cute, that I really didn’t want to use them. As I found out, Kimmy had a surprise for all of us and she let us know that there is a whole movement of playing what we now call vintage bingo.

Vintage bingo is being sold on stores and there are many types of games out there. I happily found out the coolest games with all sorts of manual consoles, wooden balls and amazing bingo cards. So check out some of my favorite picks:

State Fair Bingo

Check out this beauty being sold at Amazon. “State Fair Bingo from Front Porch Classics is a classic retro-style bingo set your family and friends will enjoy. The set conjures up images of the old-time bingo parlor, as the wooden balls rattle in the spinner’s cage and the caller picks out a ball.”

Retro Bingo Set

The New York Magazine actually picked this vintage bingo game and featured it. Can you imagine a Sunday Bingo party with the family with this piece of awesomeness?

Vintage Bingo King Basket Balls Manual Machine

And finally, for those of us who absolutely want to have amazing historic pieces of Bingo, this manual machine has to be on top of your list. Can you imagine playing with it? I bet some of us would actually place it in the living room as the precious antique it is.

After Kimmy’s party, I have bought four games of used vintage bingo games. I have to admit that this party opened a new door to a new passion: collecting vintage bingo games.