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Forget the Super Bowl; Watch the Ads (and Win Stuff)

GLENDALE, ARIZONA: A once-a-year event is coming this Sunday, something nearly all Americans look forward to. But it’s not the Super Bowl—the big game between the “Deflategate”-haunted New England Patriots and last year’s champion Seattle Seahawks. It’s the important stuff that airs between the average of 13 minutes of actual football play time that happens during the Super Bowl: the commercials!

Those commercials are already making as much, if not more, noise than the game itself. GoDaddy already bowed to public pressure and shelved its infamous lost dog commercial. Lists of movie trailers debuting during the game and celebrity commercial appearances have already been leaked, and plenty of companies have already posted their ads—or teasers for their ads—online.

Super Bowl commercials are a big deal—and 123BingoOnline just made watching them much more fun. Instead of just watching the commercials, check out 123BingoOnline’s Super Bowl Commercials Buzzword Bingo game. Print out the cards—all randomized—and hand them out to your Super Bowl party guests, or load the game up on your computer, phone or tablet. Whenever something from the ads shows up, like “Inexplicable GoDaddy Nudity,” “Cute Kids Acting Like Adults,” or a “Fan-Made Doritos Commercial,” simply dab that spot on your bingo spot. First one to get five in a row—horizontally, vertically or diagonally—wins.

And that winner doesn’t just win the game at home. Every player who fills out their card can send the completed card to [email] for a free gift card from 123BingoOnline, and one lucky player will win a gift basket featuring the Super Bowl XLIX winners packed with memorabilia, beer, great food and more—with a value of $200.

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