Social Media says, “BINGO” at 123 Bingo!


123 Bingo Online has long been a premier bingo site online where men and women, young and old could come and play their favorite game. Bingo has a long history of being a social game – its hard to play bingo by yourself, but you’ll find many bingo sites, like ours, offering just that. But why play bingo alone when you can register at 123 Bingo Online and become part of one of the most innovative features on a bingo site, ever?

Social media is the world’s fastest growing industry. You can’t even use your smartphone without having at least one social media app, and let’s all be honest here, who DOESN’T have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account? Since so many people love Bingo, and so many more love being social through networks, we’ve decided to combine the two together!

The newest, and dare we say, coolest feature at 123 Bingo is our new WALL FEATURE! Which allows members to chat, share pictures, update their statuses, make friends, play bingo with those friends, and have a great time of being social without having to visit a bingo hall.

Not only is 123 Bingo Online’s new feature the first of its kind in the world, it draws inspiration from the wildly popular and incredibly populated Facebook, but 123 Bingo members can share their bingo wins with their Facebook friends. The ability to share your wins and bingo successes on Facebook also means that members can share important information on monthly promotions, bingo bonuses, growing jackpots, and the latest news in the bingo world.

Each member 123 Bingo Online member gets their own “Wall” where they can upload their photo or avatar, share their personal information (if they so choose), invite friend into their 123 Bingo Online circle, invite friends from Facebook to join them on 123 Bingo Online, and share their excitement with everyone on and offsite.

From the member wall, members can sign up for team tournaments, get live updates on game outcomes, winners, jackpot payouts, and real time info on when the next game will start.
Basically, the new Wall feature at 123 Bingo Online has turned something already awesome (the website) and made it even better.

If you’d like to learn more about our newest feature, sign in to your membership page or sign up for membership. 123 Bingo Online is so confident that you’ll love the new feature that we’re announcing it to the world!