Slots Jargon

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If you think reels, symbols, and the spin button is all there is to slots, you need to think again! There exists a whole wide range of online slots terms collectively known as slots jargon or slot jargon. While you don't need to know entire slots jargon to enjoy playing slots, a knowledge of the most common terms will definitely make you an informed slots player. You, in turn, will feel more comfortable while playing slots or utilizing slots resources.

Slots Jargon

The slots jargon terms described below are common to both online slots and the mechanical ones.

Bankroll – The money that you decide to wager during one gambling session.

Coin Size – The net value of your bet during a game.

Hold – The certain portion of your bet kept by the casino as profit.

Jackpot – The topmost prize featured on a slot machine.

Progressive Jackpot – A special jackpot whose value keeps increasing until it is hit.

Random Jackpot – A jackpot that gets awarded randomly in a game. It may happen at the conclusion of any game.

Guaranteed Jackpot – A special jackpot that does not rely on the number of entries or the coin size and it is hit like a random jackpot.

Jackpot Slots – The slot games that feature a jackpot.

Reels – The circular discs that display different symbols and spin when you click the spin button.

Symbols – The pictures or shapes that appear on different reels. Often these symbols are based on a certain theme.

Wild Symbol – The symbol that replaces other symbols except the scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol – The symbol that pays in any direction. Often this symbol triggers the bonus round.

Bonus Symbol – The scatter symbol is also known as bonus symbol.

Multiplier Symbol – A special symbol that multiplies your winnings in a game by a fixed number.

Winning Combination – A combination of symbols that fetches you a prize.

Loose Slots – The slot machines that pay you way too often. These games have a high return rate. Online slots are usually termed as loose slot games because of their high return rate.

Tight Slots – The slot machines that do not pay often. These games have a moderate return rate.So, don't you think now you know more about slots than the average slots player? We're sure