Slot Odds

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A Simple Formula to Calculate your Slots Odds!

Slots odds. Ahem! To be honest, it's tough to pinpoint the exact odds on a particular slot machine. The reason? Online Slots are pure chance-based games. Hence, the outcome of a game depends more on luck than on odds of winning.

How to Calculate Slots Odds:

To calculate slots odds, the following mathematical formula will help. The following example can illustrate it in a better way. Let's say there are 3 reels and 20 symbols per reel. After applying the formula explained above ('X' times 'Y'), we get 8000 (20 x 20 x 20). Slots Odds Your odds of hitting a winning combination on such a slot games are 1 in 8000! At least, according to mathematics. But this does not mean that you're going to lose 7,999 times in a row before scoring a win. Let's not forget that slots are chance-based. You never know what the outcome of a game is going to be. Playing casino slots online is like flipping a coin. We know that the chances of getting heads or tails are 50:50. But it does not mean that out of 10 tosses, a coin will land exactly 5 times on heads and exactly 5 times on tails. That applies to slot games too. No matter what the slots odds are, to line up a winning combination, you need luck and nothing else. So when it comes to playing slots, feel lucky and spin the reels. Good luck!