Slot Machine Winning Secrets

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Top 5 Slot Games Winning Secrets

Looking for ways to beat slot machines? Well, here are the top 5 slot machine winning secrets that will help you get the best out of casino slot machines! Have a look at the following slot machine secrets.

#1: Always Play the Max Bet

One of the best slot machine winning secrets is to play the max bet. Often slot games only pay the top-most prize, the jackpot, if you play with maximum credits.

#2: Play Bonus Slot Machines

The list of casino slot machine secrets will stay incomplete if we don't mention playing bonus slot machines. Playing bonus slots is the best way to ensure that you win more than prizes i.e. bonuses and free games!

#3: Slot Machines Never Go "Hot" or "Cold"

A "hot" slot machine pays you multiple times in a row whereas a "cold" one does not. Contrary to popular list of slot machine secrets, a slot machine never goes hot or cold. It happens because the outcome of a game is determined by a random number generator and not based on the outcome of the previous game.

#4: Your Chances of Winning Remain the Same Online and Off

Secret #4 on our list of slot machine winning secrets is that "pulling the lever" is similar to "clicking the spin button." Many believe that online slots are not as good as their mechanical counterparts. That's incorrect. Both are operated by a randomizer computer chip, and there fore provide equal odds of winning.

$5: Play Responsibly

Never spend more money than you can afford to. Keep this one on the top of your list of slot machine secrets. Often players end up spending more money than they can afford and regret it later. Don't be one among them. If you are up for some exciting online slots experience, join us now. Play for free and win prizes too!