April Fools’ Day Slots

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Have Fun and Win Prizes on April Fool's Day Slot Games

Want to have a rocking April Fool's Day bash this year? Well, then join us on 123bingoonline.com and have the funniest (and the most rewarding) April Fool's Day ever by playing slot games!

And we're not joking!

Features of April Fool's Day Slots

April Fools slot games are going to be our prime attraction. And we have already geared up to make April Fool's Day slots experience matchless. Free sign up bonus, irresistible deposit bonus offers, slot games oozing with bonuses, and slots tournaments are already available for you to enjoy.

Free $25 Sign Up Bonus

If you have not created your account yet, register today and get your free $25 to enjoy various April Fool's Day slots games. You will definitely fall in love with them. Interesting features and surprising bonuses will stuff your account with plenty of money.

Progressive Jackpots

Almost every April Fools slot game features a progressive jackpot that is constantly ticking until it is hit. And all such jackpots are hit automatically at the completion of a game!

The 600% Initial Deposit Bonus + 150% Cash-back!

This is our signature attraction on 123bingoonline.com! When you make your first deposit, you get a 600% bonus on it. Also, you become eligible for a 150% cash-back. So, the more you spend on online slots this April Fools Day, the more you get back!

The 250% Deposit Bonus

Apart from availing the 600% bonus on your initial deposit, you can avail a 250% bonus on every subsequent deposit that you make! We want you to have a wonderful time playing April Fools slot games online.

So are you game for April Fool's Day fun and entertainment? Fill up the registration form and become a part of it!