Wheel of Fortune Slots

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Play Wheel Of Fortune Slots: Test Your Fortune!

Wheel of fortune slots are special slot games based upon the TV show Wheel of Fortune. These games feature a wide range of base games that make wheel of fortune slots games irresistible to play.

Wheel Of Fortune Slots In Details

This popular online slots game is available in two variations - 3 reel and 5 reel - and three base games: Red White and Blue, Double Diamond, and Five Times Pay.

Bonus Spin

Each machine features a wheel of fortune on the top. When you trigger the bonus spin, the wheel is activated. Once activated the wheel stops after a couple moments. It may stop at any coin from 1 to 25 and will award you the prize associated with that coin which can be an extra payout, a multiplier, or a progressive jackpot!

Wheel Of Fortune Slots Bonus Spin In Details

When the wheel is activated, the sounds of an audience chanting "wheel of fortune" becomes music to the ears. The lights shine and set the wheel into motion. The whole experience shoots excitement to the next level. So much so that you would love to spin the wheel again and again!

Is There A Jackpot Featured On This Game?

Well, yes on most of them! Most wheel of fortune slots games feature a jackpot of some sort. Some games feature progressive jackpots, some feature random jackpots, and some games feature guaranteed jackpots. Hitting a jackpot is the best way of winning a BIG amount of money in one go!

Are You Ready?

So, are you ready to experience the thrill and excitement? Then, wait no more and head for a wheel of fortune casino slots game. Keep your fingers crossed, click the "spin" button, and earn a fortune with the wheel of fortune slots games!