Poker Slots

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Poker Slots: A Lovely Combination of Poker and Slots!

Some people enjoy playing poker and are fans of the thrill planning your game and tempting your luck gives them; others feel the exciting of the reels more pleasant and rewarding, yet some love them both, for these people we are happy to offer a little something called Poker Slots. If you love to play slots and poker, you will definitely love to play poker slots, a casino game carefully designed to meet the needs of both poker players and slots enthusiasts on the same game. Hard to imagine something so cool could even exist huh? Well 123Bingo Online has this game available for you to start having the time of your life now! Check out what Poker Slots is all about and how you can begin having fun with it: Poker slots are special in many ways. Unlike regular online slots, poker slots are not chance-based. Plus, your poker skills (combined with a little bit of good luck) can do wonders for you on these special casino slot games.

What Are Poker Slots

Poker slots are the replicas of the 5-reel online slots. Like video poker, the objective of this one-of-a-kind game is build a winning five-card poker hand listed on the paytable. For this you will need to know how to play poker already or at least the basics of the game, to make sure that you will get an advantage Poker Slots.

How to Play Poker Slots Online

The game console looks much the same as a regular slot machine, as mentioned above it has 5 reels and of course the “Spin” button gets the party started. Talking about online poker slots, you click the “spin” button and set the cards in action. Once you place your bet and click the “spin” button again, five cards are lined up on a payline. Collectively this is called a hand. If you don’t get a winning hand, and if your hand is qualified as per the paytable, you get the chance to hold and discard certain cards in order to improve your hand. Once you have chosen which cards to hold and which to discard go ahead and click the “spin” button again. The cards that you get this time will be deemed as your final hand and if it’s a winning one, you will get the payouts.

A Word About Payouts

Poker slots feature decent payouts for different poker hands. For example, a straight or four-of-a-kind hand will definitely pay your more than a pair, the rules are pretty much the same as in poker and you need to find winning hands to claim the jackpot. So, try to build hands that are ranked high in order to make sure you win each hand. So, are you ready to try out poker slots?