Monopoly Slots

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Play Monopoly Slot Games: A Guaranteed Monopoly

Do you love to play Monopoly? Then you will definitely love to play monopoly slots!

Monopoly slots? You may wonder. Actually, monopoly slots is a very interesting game based on the game of Monopoly. The symbols are none other than the ones displayed in various squares printed on the classic monopoly board.

How to Play Monopoly Slots

Unlike the game of monopoly, monopoly slot game is played by a single person at a time. You place a bet, and spin the reels by clicking the "spin" button. That's it. The three reels spin and then line a winning combination on any of the three paylines.

Monopoly Slots Is Simple To The Core

This game is simple to the core. There are only three reels and three paylines. Therefore, you don't need to decide the number of lines to play. All three lines are selected by default.

Game Symbols

Monopoly slots game features the following symbols.

  • Regular SymbolsThe regular symbols are none other than the ones found on the game board of classic monopoly game.
  • Bonus SymbolsThe game also features a bonus symbol which is none other than Rich Uncle Pennybag, aka Mr. Monopoly! This symbol is a wild symbol and can replace other symbols to help you win casino slots.

Bonus Round

Monopoly slots game features a bonus round. This round is triggered when you score a win on the middle line. In the bonus round, you are presented with eight different items called "pieces". Pick a piece to find out the underlying multiplier value. This multiplier value is applied to your total win!

What's The Final Word?

Well, the final word is that monopoly slots are loaded with rewards, bonuses, and they are the perfect means to play casino slots online and monopoly at the same time. Play monopoly slots and experience the best in slots. Have fun!