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There is no hard coded difference in video slot machines and regular slots except that they use video display of five reel slots instead of three reel slots. With enhanced pictographs, audio effects and flash versions these casino video slots are slowly and steadily becoming the talk of the town. Wondering where you can get all these?

Video slots are one of the interesting slot games played online. A game has five or more reels rather than the classic 3 reel slots and rest every thing is featured by the specific website. It means that the 5 reel slot machine or game can feature progressive, multi-payline and bonus slot offers as per the website preference. The play rule is as simple as of any other online slot games. You just have to bet, hit and play in these online slots and you are done.

Black & White Gold, Hollywood Reels, Double Scoop Delight are some of the free video slots games that will make you go on knees. Interesting features of these casino slots are their wild symbols, flashy presentation and the huge bonus offers. The only problem you can face in this is that you may think which one to choose looking at the huge variety of video slots.

Apart from all these one big thing that makes video slots gain all the player's attention is the chance to win big. Yes, now even with slots you can win big and it's not even that difficult. Just look for progressive video slots or video slots with bonus rounds and play. They are the wonderful ways to double your money at an instant go!

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