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True Magic on the Myriad Multi Payline Slots

Multi payline slots are fast catching up these days, not just because such slot game features the most engaging graphics and animations but also because it offers wider betting options and much better winning opportunities.

Interested to know more about these versatile slot machine options? Then, here we go.

What is a Payline?

A payline is defined as the sequence of the positions of the symbols on the reels from left to right and an active payline is referred to as the one that you select to wager upon. The selected paylines get highlighted.

How Paylines Operate?

When you pull the lever to set the reels rolling, the symbols spin on the reels and align on all the paylines.

The sequence of the symbols taking up the positions on the active paylines are matched up to the winning combos displayed on the respective pay tables on the slot machine.

If any of the selected paylines display the combination from the pay table, you win the respective reward.

What are Multi Payline Slots?

The slot machines having more than one payline are referred to as the multi payline slots thus allowing you to play on your choice of paylines. In this case, you can win only if you manage to align the winning combinations on the paylines that you select to wager on.

Let's presume that you want to play on five paylines on a 20 payline slot. Now in this case, you need to click the respective five paylines you wish to play on and spin the reels. Now in order to win, the winning combinations must land up on any of these selected five paylines.

The winning combinations revealing on the paylines other than these five wagered payline, won't fetch you any rewards. So, the best trick to expand your chances of winning in the slot game is to select all the paylines.

Try out the all inclusive multi payline online slots on 123Bingo and we promise that you won't look back! Enjoy!