Republican Debate Marks the Return of Debate Bingo

innerdebate17092015We all know that bingo can be a lot of fun, but the question for the ages is just how fun can it be? Is it entertaining enough to make a cow’s bathroom habits can’t-miss excitement? If you think the answer’s no, then you obviously didn’t hear about last month’s big cow pie bingo extravaganza! Earlier this week, however, the classic game was once again put to the test in what has traditionally been one of the least entertaining subjects around: politics.

That’s right! Just in time for the U.S. Republican party debates, news agencies across the country dusted off the bingo card generator and added a kick of excitement to the night’s festivities. It was a fantastic opportunity to invite over a few friends and enjoy the majesty of Donald Trump’s world-famous ‘doo while pondering the possible effects of foreign policy and immigration reform. While political enthusiasts and bingo aficionados had no shortage of options when on the hunt for bingo cards, one news outlet decided to up the ante by creating ‘The Hardest Debate Bingo Game in History’.

So, what did this high-difficulty masterpiece include? Well, players were forced to listen for a collection of obscure phrases and words that candidates would have a tough time fitting into general debate rhetoric. ‘Mud wrestling’, ‘my neighbor’s dog’ and ‘cheat on your wife’ were just a few of the squares that could take players one step closer to claiming the bingo and, possibly, becoming the new U.S. President. Wait, no. Actually, we’re being informed that the presidency was not on the official prize list. That’s a bummer!

Looking for something a little bit less difficult? Another major news agency released cards with phrases that are more firmly implanted in the official political debate vocabulary. If someone mentioned repealing Obamacare or the second amendment, you’d be off and running with this bingo game. Did a candidate just criticize the Iran deal or mention the border wall? That’s another square off the board!

Games to pass the time during political debates are nothing new, and bingo is an old favorite among people who want to be up on the state of affairs but find the use of buzzwords and campaign promises a bit too much to bear. If you didn’t get a chance to participate during Wednesday’s spectacle, have no fear! The election isn’t due for over a year, so there’ll still be plenty of opportunities to put a political spin on bingo with your friends and family.

In the meantime, there are other ways to get your fill of bingo. Whether you prefer the social aspect of the local bingo hall or the convenience of online play, there’s no shortage of options for enjoying a few rounds of one of the world’s most popular games. The simple, universal rules and relaxed gameplay have made bingo a favorite for kicking back and putting your luck to the test. If you can take advantage of this formula to make politics a little more interesting, well, that’s just icing on the cake!