Progressive Bingo Games

Progressive Bingo game is popular for its attractive jackpot that increases continuously till a player hits it. This game boasts of extra excitement and added features that lets you win many rewards. The possibility of winning a really big cash prize has also made this game very popular.

Yes, progressive Bingo offers you an opportunity to win growing prize money, regardless of your original wager the amount from one game rolls to the next game till the progressive Jackpot is won. The progressive jackpot depends on the number of players. The larger the number of players, the larger is the amount attached to the progressive bingo game jackpot

In the Progressive Bingo game, there are some conditions attached to the jackpot. A player has to complete their card within the requisite calls. The prize money rolls to the next game until a winning bingo pattern is completed. This feature helps the total progressive bingo game jackpot money reach a substantially huge amount which can then be won by a lucky player. The repeated rollovers make the jackpot similar to the national lottery.

Usually the jackpot amount in a progressive Bingo game is displayed on top of the board. It is like a ticker and the money is shown increasing by the second. What makes it exciting is that one can hit the jackpot at any time of the game. Some online bingo sites like have come up with many promotional features in different festive seasons and add extra bonus rounds to increase the prize amount in the progressive Bingo game rounds. Since there are different types of progressive Bingo games, it may be confusing for some players to decide on which game to bet upon. In order to resolve this, you can try playing on a free casino site which includes the progressive Bingo game.

Many online casinos and progressive Bingo games on different sites offer the facility to play free bingo games without investing money. Once you get acquainted with the features of the game, you can try playing with money.