Meet Chat Moderator Judy at 123 Bingo Online

Username: #CM Tracey#
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 09-15-65
City: Lexington, SC
Country: USA
Interests: Anything that deals with Family
Vacation type: Caribbean Island anywhere
I am: All over the world. I am a combat Vet with 10 years under my belt in the Army.
Preferred type of coffee: Hazelnut Latte
Marital status: Been there done that
In my sparetime: When I have spare time I spend it with my 17 y/o twin boys.
Sports: Football
Employment: Been working with Bingo for 10 years. Love every minute of it
Astrological sign: Virgo
Movies I like: Animal House
Books I like: Patricia Cornwell
Music I like: Old Rock and Roll and Alternative
Children: 17 y/o twins boys and that is enough
Pets: 2 Boxers that are part of the couch
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