Meet Chat Moderator Jacky at 123 Bingo Online

Username: #CM Jackie#
Gender: Female
About me  I was born in the 60's-loved the 70's-dont recall much of the 80's-the 90's were Great! living life to the fullest in the 2000's! Just a Hippi at heart.
Interests: I love to read-Fish-swim-and paint but most of all.. taking care of my Daughter
Vacation type: anyplace where there is poolside gambling
I am: I am a lighthearted Virgo who loves to Gab and meet new people
Preferred type of coffee: straight Black! no time for any other
Marital status: Single
In my sparetime: Being nearly 50 with an 12 year old, dont have much of that!
Sports: Is sleeping in till Noon a sport?
Employment: Chat Manager/123Bingoonline for the past 8 years
Astrological sign: Virgo- September 11th
Movies I like: Steven king/anything Mystical and Magical
Books I like: Steven King/ John Saul/ Robert Patterson ect ect ect...
Music I like: So long as its good! and makes sense I listen to it All!
Children: 1 daughter her name is Charley and is my little piece of Heaven 🙂
Pets: 6 cats and a little Maltese named Falcor
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