Online Horizontal Bingo

Make Straight Lines With Horizontal Bingo

The best thing about Online Bingo is the amazing array of permutation and combination it allows and the different patterns in which the game can be played and won. The Horizontal Bingo requires the players to cover numbers on a straight horizontal line on the Bingo cards in order to win. This basically means that you should have five numbers aligned horizontally across your Online Bingo card. When the Bingo numbers are called out, it's a good idea to keep a watch for any horizontal line running left to right across the Online Bingo card. The winner is simply whose numbers in the horizontal line have been called out first.

Horizontal Online Bingo are very popular and easy to get. In fact players can use the Online Bingo Free Space to get Bingo down the middle line which essentially means that to be a winner all you need to do is get four numbers down the middle and then you can shout free Bingo as loud as possible!!

Horizontal Bingo should be played with concentration and focused attention lest you miss any of the numbers being called out and lose the opportunity to win. It's a common perception that players tend to miss the horizontal Bingos more often that the vertical or diagonal ones. Nobody knows why? Its just one of the many enchanting mysteries about Online Bingo and after al it's a game of chance and luck. But even if you miss the numbers don't lose heart or get worked up because more than anything else Online Bingo is about pure unadulterated and incessant fun. If you are a bingo enthusiast then 123bingoonline is the perfect place to play bingo online.