Bingo Scratch Cards

Feeling Lucky? It's Time for Bingo Scratch Cards!

The leader of online games, Bingo's popularity can be attributed to its ever-evolving nature. The conventional Bingo patterns such as "coverall" and "four corners" have multiplied into a large number of side games and variations. The latest addition to this tremendously popular game are the scratch cards. Similar to the traditional cards, these scratch cards have a kind of excitement and mystery factor. Easy to play with, they are known by various names, including scratch cards, scratchers, instant tickets, or pull tabs. Online Bingo Scratch Cards can be bought anytime from a good virtual bingo site.

Working exactly the same way as a regular scratch card would, one can play with the online version by clicking on assigned areas to show information used in determining the card's prize value. This is usually done by using the mouse. Online scratch cards have varied appearances and names. Quite often, Bingo Sites have cards that are attractively animated and accessorized to make them more appealing. These online bingo cards come in two different types - downloadable and web-based scratch cards. As the name suggests, downloadable bingo scratch cards can be used only after they have been downloaded from a Bingo site. Once this process is complete, the software connects to the online card service provider and handles contact without browser support. Web-based scratch cards, on the other hand, are more commonly played. The scratch cards can be played on the website itself, and have total browser support. Assistance through chat and email is also provided to the players just in case they have doubts about the cards.

Just like traditional cards, online bingo scratch cards vary in their costs, too. The chances of winning with conventional cards are much lower, but with online cards, there's a winner every second or third card. Join 123Bingoonline to play free bingo games and to win Bingo Jackpots.