Online Bingo or Traditional Casino Games: Which One Will Make You Richer?


Some people like to play online gambling games and they have favorite games they swear by as being the luckiest. Sometimes, poker is the game of choice. Others prefer slot machines.

Many players like to play online bingo. The biggest question asked by someone who may be just starting out in the online gaming world is: which games will win me the most money, online bingo or traditional casino games?

We personally believe that the answer to that particular question is certainly online bingo. Of course we cannot make this claim without some proof to support it. The reasons we believe online bingo can be more lucrative are:

Bingo is Easy to Learn

Bingo is one of the easiest games to learn to play. With simple instructions that indicate all the player has to do is listen for a letter and number combination and then mark the number off their corresponding bingo cards, there is little room for error in playing online bingo. Traditional casino games, however, tend to have more detailed rules to learn to play. Not understanding one rule can cause a novice player to lose big rather than win.

Much of Bingo is Automated

Many online bingo halls offer players the chance to have their cards automatically marked, or off the services of a card manager who can assist when there is a question. If your internet connection is cut off during a bingo game, a card manager can finish the game for you and protect your winnings. If the cards are automatically marked off, there’s a lower chance of missing out on winnings because you did not hear or mark the card. In other casino games, if you press the wrong button or make other mistakes, you could jeopardize your chances of winning.

Bingo is Fun with Online Friends

The players in online bingo halls tend to be more conversational and friendly to the fellow players than those in traditional casino games. In casino games, the focus is always on each player as a competitor and not necessarily as a potential comrade. The players do not cheer one another on in the same ways as bingo players do in the chat rooms.

The best way to see the differences in how much you can win at online bingo versus at traditional casino games is to come into the 123 Bingo online bingo hall and experience online bingo for yourself. With almost 2.5 million registered users, the jackpots and friendships are just two of the major draws to

What is your opinion on this matter?