Online Bingo Craze

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Bingo is perhaps one of the oldest played games all over the world. The game, originally played in Italy from the 16th century was then known as Beano. With the passage of time, not only has the name of the game changed to bingo, the way the game is played has also changed.

With the advent and increase in popularity of the internet, more and more people log on to bingo games virtually. From the comfort of their homes, players from all over the world win millions everyday. Not only that, many have parallel virtual social lives playing their favorite free bingo games.

The great ambience, colorful graphics, lively chat rooms, extremely courteous and professional 24/7 customer support make people come back again and again, wanting more.

Now with the celebrities foraying into the online bingo scenario, the craze of online bingo has reached new levels. Lots of celebrities are now playing or hosting free online bingo to collect money for charitable causes. Many even play bingo for fun. For players who would never have a chance to play their favorite game with their favorite celebrity in real life, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The press is also noting the popularity of online bingo and writing about it, thereby making bingo reach thousands who have never played bingo.

From being a mere game, bingo is fast becoming a lifestyle for many and hence the madness continues! It is now becoming a hub for bingo players who are seeking real money along with enjoyment.