Live Bingo comes to an end in small town North America

innernobingo18112015It’s not the end of Bingo as we know it. It’s just a sign that modern technology and an appetite for different types of games is taking over. In Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, Canada, seniors are disappointed to discover that the game they know and love is coming to an end.

The weekly games that have brought the community together are going the way of the dinosaur, due in large part to declining interest in playing the live games.

The lower turnout leads to lower revenue for the Lions Club that runs it, and it also means smaller prize pools. These smaller than expected jackpots lead to fewer people being interested, so it become a bit of a snowball effect.

But just because live Bingo is dying, it doesn’t mean that Bingo is dead. On the contrary. In fact, as more and more people discover live Bingo, they realize that there’s more money to be made from the comforts of home.

Sites like provide residents of Port aux Basques with the opportunity to play Bingo with people all over the world, 24/7 and from the comforts of home. Rather than waiting for a weekly game, Bingo lovers can fire up their Mac and PC and enjoy a game whenever they like. When people realize that there’s more money up for grabs without the wait, they simply choose the online version.

While some people have argued that the death of live Bingo in the small town means that people are losing their appetite for gambling, the opposite seems to be the truth. A new game called Chase the Ace has taken the east coast by storm. Players buy tickets for a chance to pull a card from a 52-card deck. If they pull an Ace, they win a large piece of the money collected. If they don’t, there’s another draw the following week.

The fact that Chase the Ace is so popular means that Bingo players simply crave other types of games. And those who do will find it at online Bingo sites, which are able to offer games beyond just Bingo.

For example, also offers other games beyond Bingo. Slots players will find well over lots of different online slots. Video poker fans can choose from dozens of video poker variations. And those who love the felt will find loads of table games, accessible with just a few clicks.

What’s more, while casino games in the real world always cost real money, games at can be played for free. The attraction of free entertainment seems to trump the weekly games that cost money to play.

But with online Bingo games stamping out the live Bingo scene, some are worried that the social aspect of weekly Bingo games is completely lost. That actually depends on where you play. Some Bingo communities are virtual black holes where you’ll feel completely lost and treated just like a number. But is a thriving community of players. The site’s Facebook page, for example has over 23,000 members.

If you want to join them, create a free account now. It costs nothing to sign up, so have a look around whether your weekly Bingo games are a thing of the past or not.