Keno vs. Bingo: Winning Strategies for Both Games

While Keno and Bingo have many similarities, the strategies that players can employ to win at these games can be drastically different. Whether you typically like to play keno, to would rather play bingo, the goal is to win; and win consistently.

Before delving into strategies, let’s review how to play keno and bingo. Keno is a game in which the player will pick a series of numbers in an attempt to match the ones selected during game. Wagers and payouts will vary based on the number of selections that are made by the player. The more selections that are made will mean that the chances of winning become less likely; which leads to a higher payout should they hit.

When it comes to Bingo, the game is much more structured. The player cards are pre-selected, and all cards cost the same amount for that particular game. This rigidness also means that payouts are pre-determined as well.

Keno Strategies

While keno is an easy game to play, that doesn’t mean there aren’t strategies that a player can use to gain an advantage. Any strategy you use when you play keno will come down to one thing…odds.

When developing keno strategies, a player attempts to put themselves in a position to consistently cash tickets over the long haul. No strategy can be developed to win a jackpot, for that is simply luck and timing.

Understanding the odds and payouts will help determine how many numbers should be played. Typical keno players will play roughly four to eight numbers per game. The rationale behind this is that the odds for longer plays, defined as nine numbers or more, simply don’t prove out over the long run as one of the best winning keno strategies.

Another strategy to consider is using discipline with a controlled wager. Often referred to as “units”, gamblers will set a certain amount to play for each game. The concept is that applying a set amount will remove a variable that could skew an otherwise sound strategy. For example, if you thought that something would statistically happen 60% of the time, but just couldn’t predict when it would happen, it makes sense to bet the same amount each time to ensure that you would come out ahead over time. Betting different amounts could lead to losing larger wagers and winning lower ones.

Bingo Strategies

Bingo, more so than probably any other game is a game of luck. To attempt to fine tune winning bingo strategies is very difficult, since the outcomes are so random. The only real strategic decision that can influence your earnings potential is the number of cards a player decides to buy.

Since the cards are pre-set, and they are all cost the same, then the only variable would be your overall investment into the game. For that reason, you should base the amount of your total wager (or number of cards you purchase) on the value of the prizes or winnings.