Four Bingo Facts for Your Entertainment


We all know that bingo is a great way to pass the time, especially if you’re seated in a large online bingo tournament with people from all over the world. If you find yourself in one of these games, or if you’re playing live at a bingo hall, you’ll likely have a bit of downtime.

The downtime might be at the start of the night before the games begin, or it could fall in between cards. If you’re chatting with new friends, it might be difficult to find something to talk about, especially if you’re not a social butterfly. But it doesn’t have to be awkward. You already have a lot in common with the strangers you’re playing with. Every single one of you loves to play Bingo.

So why not use the time to discuss some interesting bingo facts? Here are some great questions and answers that you can quote to pass the time. Feel free to claim them as your own and look like a genius. We won’t say a word.

Fact #1

Q- How many possible bingo card variations are there?

A- Over 1.4 million. To be exact, we’re talking 1,474,200 different bingo card variations. That means if you played 10 bingo cards every day for the rest of your life, you could go 403 years without seeing the same card twice. And if you live to be that old, then clearly you deserve a bingo prize.

Fact #2

Q- How much cash do Americans spend on Bingo cards each week?

A- Ready for this? $90 million. Yup, that’s $90 million every single week. And that adds up to about $4 billion per year. That’s what we call one huge industry.

Fact #3

Q- What percentage of Bingo players actually walk away with a win?
A- A lot more than you think. 95% of Bingo players win money.

Fact #4

Q- How many Bingo players fall under the age of 35?

A- 30%. And that number is growing thanks to the popularity of online bingo. Remember, up until a few years ago, bingo was played exclusively in bingo halls, church basements, and community centers. And most of the people who played were elderly. Today, younger generations are discovering how exciting bingo can be.

Like these Bingo facts? Play online bingo at and make some new friends. You can test other players’ knowledge and make new friends along the way. Or, perhaps, enemies if they’re jealous of your genius.