Celebrities Playing Bingo


Oh yes, dear fellow bingo players! Bingo is big among celebrities too! How couldn’t it be? The rush of waiting for those numbers to be called, looking at you carton over and over again trying not to miss one call. That fun rush of starting one game after another game…It’s just great! No doubt about it!

So the bottom line is that you will be surprised which celebrities share with us this passion for the game. Or not! You might not be surprised, because the question is, why doesn’t everyone play and love bingo?

Robbie Williams

A celebrity that has repeatedly admitted to loving online games, is Robbie Williams. And, he has declared himself a fan of online and real time bingo. This guy is huge on Bingo! He did open his own online poker that caused a lot of controversy, but the singer has had a long history of playing bingo since many years ago.

He did participate in charity bingo events in Hollywood and in one competition he did win a prize that he donated to humanitarian charities and gained fame for being an eager bingo player.

Russell Crowe

Of course, bingo isn’t just for the women and most definitely rough guys like this super star enjoy the game. Before he was a celebrity, believe it or not, Russell Crowe worked as a bingo caller. Although he was allegedly fired for changing some of the iconic calling phrases into ruder phrases, he still admits to loving the game.

Prince William and the Queen

Like if these two guys weren’t enough, look at who we’re mentioning next. Yes, the royal family also plays bingo. Both Prince William and the Queen are said to enjoy bingo and we have to admit that it gives glamour to our game to actually know that the royalty plays it too. However, the list doesn’t stop there, other royalty members who play bingo are Barbara Windsor and Royal Family star Ricky Tomlinson.

The Obamas

The Obamas? Yes, the Obamas. Bingo is also played amongst our American royalty. It has to be said that it hasn’t been confirmed if Mr. President partakes of the activity himself, but it is well-known that his stepmother is a huge advocate of the game. Knowing this, one might deduce that he might at least once play the game from time to time to bring a smile into his stepmother’s face.

Denise Van Outen

This lady has confessed to taking the trip to her local bingo hall. The exact location which Denise visits remains unknown but for those wanting to follow in her footsteps, there are plenty of options. Or better yet, just go have fun without really trying to find a star.

As you can see, there are more of us out there who also enjoy our passion. Have you heard of any other celebrity that plays Bingo that I didn’t mention here? Let me know!