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Casino Vault



Calling all slots players! Gang up with your Slots buddies to win a share $1,500 in cash rewards this month!

Join any one gang of the four in the Top Slots Gang promotion. You and your gang buddies can make extra cash on a weekly basis. See below for more information.

Top Slots Gang plays for 7 days, at the end of the tourney, if your team is on the top you will win!

Week Prizes
Week 1: March 1 to March 7 1st Placed: $150 | 2nd Placed: $100 | 3rd Placed: $50
Week 2: March 8 to March 14 1st Placed: $150 | 2nd Placed: $100 | 3rd Placed: $50
Week 3: March 15 to March 21 1st Placed: $150 | 2nd Placed: $100 | 3rd Placed: $50
Week 4: March 22 to March 28 1st Placed: $150 | 2nd Placed: $100 | 3rd Placed: $50
Week 5: March 29 to April 4 1st Placed: $150 | 2nd Placed: $100 | 3rd Placed: $50

How to play:
1. Deposit $50 or more during the promotion and enter the Top Slots Gang tournament.
2. Join any one of the gangs (teams) on the Team Tourneys page (on the Slots tab).
3. The team with greatest total winnings will win the prize. The prize is divvied up equally amongst all members.

Please read the Terms of participation on the Team Tourneys-Slots page. For further assistance, please contact Live Help or the Chat Hosts.


  • Participate with a minimum $50 deposit during the tourney days.
  • Winners will be announced at the end of each tournament on Mondays at 12:00 Noon.
  • If you win you grant to 123Bingoonline the right to use and publish your user name online and any other media in connection with the game or for advertising & promotional purposes.
  • We reserve the right to reclaim the prize awarded if players are found to be tampering with or abusing any aspect of this promotion, as solely determined by 123Bingoonline. In such instances, 123Bingoonline will terminate the player's eligibility to participate in the promotion.
  • Standard terms & conditions apply.


Play our Lucky 7, Wild Cherry & Double Diamond Slots with BIG progressive jackpots of up to $20,000. Each spin costs a minimum of 25¢.


  • The Mega Progressive Jackpot starts from $10,000 and can grow up to $20,000 if not hit.

All promotion times shown here are in Eastern Time (USA East Coast)
GMT + five hours / European time + six hours

Standard Site Rules Apply

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hi everyone, I have only been a member for a short time and the winning is fantast...

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