Can romance bloom in a bingo hall?


What’s your idea of a good pickup spot? The bar? A friend’s party? Those might be all decent choices, but we’ve got one great spot you might never have thought of.

Your local neighborhood bingo hall.

Yes, we’re serious. A bingo hall can be a great place to meet someone new. We know what you’re thinking. Bingo halls might be a great spot for meeting someone in their ‘80s, but I’m in my ‘30s. Why would I resort to a bingo hall for dating?

Clearly you haven’t played bingo recently. Bingo halls are fast becoming a go-to place for meeting potential love interests. As crazy as it sounds, young people are flocking to bingo halls to have fun with friends.

We took a trip to our local bingo hall to find out what the scene is like. Here’s what we discovered.

There’s no pretention at bingo halls

Most people don’t go to a bingo hall to pick up or hook up. So when you strike up a conversation with a stranger, they don’t assume your goal is to ask them out. And as a result, they’re more genuinely interested in talking to you instead of checking the room for their options.

There are a lot of single people

A lot of people who head to bingo halls either head there alone or go as part of a group. Most of the people who go play bingo aren’t there on a date (though we do come across quite a few couples who enjoy bingo for the occasional date).

Competition brews romance

There’s nothing like a little healthy competition between the sexes to spark a conversation. A great strategy to meet someone new is by competing for each bingo card. One great pickup strategy we witnessed involved buying drinks. A twenty-something approached a girl and said, “I bet you drinks that I’ll win a bingo card before you….” He lost, but he won a date, which is a pretty good deal since that pickup line wouldn’t fly in a bar.

It’s not just live bingo halls where new romances are blossoming. This type of stuff happens online too. The big, popular online bingo sites incorporate a chat feature where users can chat with one another. Several even have forums that offer games. Both of these offer bingo players an opportunity to meet someone new who shares their passion for bingo.

And who knows? If you play your bingo cards right, you could find yourself saying “Bingo!” instead of “I do” down the aisle one day.