British Pop Group Trades in Parties for Bingo on 2015 Tour

inner13052015When it comes to partying between shows, British pop group Take That have had their fill. In the place of the wild and alcohol fueled parties of the past, the trio has turned to a brand new mode of entertainment to tide them over while on the road: bingo!

On days off we organize little events,” said Gary Barlow, the lead singer and primary songwriter of the popular band. “We did bingo and it went down a storm.

With three eager group members, 20 energetic dancers, an eight piece band and plenty of crew, Take That’s bingo parties have plenty of willing participants. While the specifics of the prizes weren’t released, it’s fair to say that the game was well received by the huge collection of players.

The inclusion of bingo came naturally for Barlow, who started his career in show business as a bingo caller. With a bingo machine of his own for special occasions, it’s clear that Barlow’s passion for the classic game continues to this day. Famous calls such as two little ducks (22) and two fat ladies (88) are commonplace at the pop group’s special games, much to the delight of the crowd.

If you’re not from Europe, you may not be familiar with Take That, but the group has been making waves across the UK music scene for over a decade. Originally formed in 1990 with five members, the group has had 28 top 40 singles in the United Kingdom, 12 of which climbed all the way to the top of the charts. In 1996, Take That split up, but they reunited in 2005 and announced a 2006 reunion tour entitled The Ultimate Tour.

In 2014, the group recorded its seventh studio album as a trio. The album, titled III, became the band’s seventh number one seller and included the single “These Days”, which also climbed to the top of the charts. In addition to being named the fifth highest-earning music stars in the world by Forbes, Take That was named as Amazon’s top-selling music artist of all time.

With this insight into the lives of pop legends on tour, it becomes even clearer that bingo’s immense popularity is continuing to spread. Whether it’s the simple, easy-to-follow rules, the community atmosphere or the opportunity to take home prizes, something about bingo makes it a favorite for gamers around the world. So, if you’re looking for the best way to keep loose and excited while touring the country and performing smash hit songs for thousands of fans, you now know the secret. All you need to do is get the ball rolling – literally – and schedule a bingo game.

Bingo’s reputation as a game that’s exclusively enjoyed by senior citizens couldn’t be farther from the truth. These days, hundreds of variations on the rules of the classic game ensure that there’s a version of bingo to suit everyone’s preferences. There’s only one way to find out which is the best for you. Get the ball rolling on your own gaming experience, and a big win could be just around the corner.