Which Shape Are You Daubing In

Pick a Trendy Dauber and Flaunt It!

Bingo Online has become a very popular game and many spend long hours playing Bingo. There are quite a lot of avid players who can spend the entire day pursuing the game! Spending long hours playing Bingo can be very tiring, especially if you are playing in a land based Bingo hall. You can't do much to change the hall, even if you feel uncomfortable. However, you can change your Bingo supplies so that you can be as comfortable as you can. A long session of Bingo can be really tiring if you do not have a comfortable dauber with a good grip. For ensuring maximum fun, try out the new Bingo daubers that come in all shapes, sizes, colors and have some real whacky tips. If you're planning a long session, be sure to give some thoughtful consideration to the daubers. Make sure that they fit in your hand snugly enough and do not break or leak. The Bingo dauber with what was traditionally a round tip has also donned a new avatar. Now you can daub bees, hearts, kisses, smiley and much more on your free bingo cards. The pastel shades have long been replaced with brighter, florescent colors. Ladies can even buy man shaped daubers which come with a tattoo and cute little swimming trunks! You can even get yourself a mini dauber, just so that you can play Bingo on the go! If you like your dauber a lot and don't want to dispose it off, you can buy refillable daubers that come with special bottles of ink for refilling them!