Types of Online Bingo Games

The Many Faces of Online Bingo Games

Online bingo games offer a variety of different Bingo game types. This is the reason why people flock to online Bingo game sites. Online Bingo games are now the latest craze for bingo players all over the world. There are more and more types of online Bingo to satisfy experience players while enticing new players to the game. Just like the original Bingo game, the point of the game is to get a required pattern so that you win. This is true for all types of online Bingo games except online Bingo scratch cards where you play Bingo like a lottery scratch card! Game is mostly popular in Great Britain and Australia, where it is also known as "Housie". The greatest thing about 90-Ball Online Bingo is that you can win more than once per game! The biggest prize you can win here is the "Full House" pattern, when you get all the numbers on your online Bingo card. Fast becoming popular with online Bingo players, 80 Ball Bingo is the newest addition to the online Bingo game family. It is quickly becoming popular among online Bingo players. This game is ideal for those who think that 90 Ball Bingo contains too many numbers and 75-Ball Bingo too few. The best part about the 80 Ball Bingo is its futuristic looking Bingo cards. No daubing here, the online Bingo cards are called shutter boards. In order to mark your cards, you slide the 'boards' to cover them. Traditionally played mostly in North America, 75 Ball Bingo is a crowd favorite among online Bingo players. Part of the reason is because 75-Ball Bingo online has tons of crazy patterns where you can win big bonuses. Forget the old patterns like getting the vertical, horizontal,and diagonal rows. Go bonkers with patterns like the "X", "A", "Four Corners", or even seasonal patterns like the "Christmas Tree", and "Turkey"!