The Booming Online Bingo Business

A Glorious Future!

While online gambling is nothing new, the extent of its popularity has taken everyone by surprise. Even the simple game of Bingo, once played in halls for a paltry amount of money, has become a global passion, with the advent of online Bingo games. Online Bingo games yielded gross earnings of $50 million in 2006, and this figure does not even ../include the money made in United States! Industry estimates suggest that America alone contributes a share that exceeds revenues from the rest of the world. Little wonder, online Bingo is forecasted to garner a whopping $2 billion by end 2008. Though online Bingo games have been around in the US for long, the UK is also fast catching up. Online Bingo games have been declared the most popular leisure activity in the whole of Britain. Surprisingly, it is those in the age group of 20-25 years who are logging in to play Bingo. In the US, it is mostly senior citizens who play Bingo online. A boom in 1990s saw online gambling operators doing roaring business. It is estimated that an operator's annual turnover exceeds $5 million. In recent times though, concerns have been raised about the social and economic impact of online Bingo games. Even in the US, online gambling is illegal in states where land-based gambling is prohibited. Undeterred online Bingo fans are increasingly breaking the law to gamble in cyberspace. This has triggered off other concerns like underage gambling, pathological gambling, lack of consumer protection, criminal abuse and other pitfalls of gambling and online safety. For an industry that's growing so fast, glitches of this nature are quite common and there is a constant effort to iron them out. As the industry matures, superior standards and responsible players will add to the fun.