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Bingo find their fans in all generations. While current generations enjoy their favorite online bingo games, there was a time when players used to look forward to the Saturday nights, to flock to their nearest local Bingo halls and enjoy a good old fashioned Bingo game. A fun game for all ages, Bingo back then was hosted in brick and mortar Bingo halls. With real callers, spotters, cashiers and other staff, local Bingo halls were the favorite weekend destinations. History records that the largest bingo game in history was played in New York's Teaneck Armory with 60,000 players. As many as 10,000 players were sent away from the door because of limited seating! Why People picked online bingo halls? As in the online Bingo games, local Bingo halls too provided a chance for players to meet their friends, though the socialization normally was limited to the players' immediate neighbors. However, a ban on smoking in public places and the increasing number of hours spent at work, led to the decline of local Bingo halls. With the improvement in technology, people started to prefer staying at home and enjoy a wholesome game of free Bingo right from their bedrooms! Though local Bingo halls still do exist, their patronage has decreased rapidly to a great extent. Now serving as venues for fundraising galas- often rented out to churches and schools, many local Bingo halls have shut their doors forever. The local bingo halls can never be forgotten though. They will forever be remembered for making current day Bingo what it is! Just Free Sign Up with us to play bingo games and earn sign up bonuses up to 300%.