Super Bowl Bingo

A Game of Maximum Entertainment

Bingo is a popular online game played across the world. Due to its easy gaming features and the rewards that it holds, people try their luck on Bingo cards. Out of the many Bingo games that the online casinos offer, Super Bowl Bingo is one of the most exciting and challenging game. This type of Bingo is associated with the popular Super Bowl football of the United States.

History of Super Bowl Bingo

The Super Bowl started on 15th of January, 1967. This was basically a part of an agreement between the NFL (National Football League) and AFL (American football league). Super Bowl was played by the champions of both leagues and the winner would be crowned AFL - NFL world champion. After 3 years that is in 1970, NFL and AFL merged. Super Bowl game used Roman numerals to identify the title for each game instead of a more common title such as the year it was held. Bingo sites use Super Bowl in order to make Bingo more popular and exciting.

How to Play Bingo?

Super Bowl Bingo is a game centered around the words, phrases, people or terms that are related to the popular Super Bowl game. A win is achieved either by plain matching of the names of the players or by creating a pattern through the matching of letters, say "SUPER BOWL.” Attractive cards are designed and good bonus features and jackpots are offered in Super Bowl Bingo.

This year, Super Bowl XLIII was played at the large 75,000 seated multi-complex stadium in Tampa, Florida on February 1, 2009. A new version of Super Bowl Bingo was tried out. The game was for those who only watched the Super Bowl for the commercials. The Super Bowl Bingo game was called Commercial Bingo. In this version, the cards contained names of companies who bought airtime for Super Bowl commercials. Players wagered on a pattern matching brand names, sponsors, and related terms of the commercials. These ../include GERDAU AMERISTEEL, The Tampa Tribune, AT&T, Walter Industries Inc., Pulte Holmes, Syniverse Technologies and media partners like, 92.5 MAXIMA, Wild 98.7, 1010 Sports, WOYK 99.5 and Blu Tampa Bay.

How much you can Win?

The Super Bowl Commercial Bingo games proved to be a hit as players did not have to be experts on football. Otherwise, Super Bowl Bingo lets you play Bingo patterns based on the game. There are patterns that pay you $10, $40, $250, $500, and even a huge amount of $3000 against a mere $1 bet. When you place your bet, the amount you can win against each pattern is calculated and displayed for you automatically. The varieties of free online Bingo cards and its association with Super Bowl game makes it more challenging, exciting and much more rewarding.