Printable Bingo Cards

Customize Printable Bingo Cards to get the cards of your choice

Bingo is becoming the game of choice for all ages of people. And why not? When it offers immense fun, thrill and BIG MONEY. People love to play bingo, be it online or at home. For the later purpose, bingo sites have introduced printable bingo cards for their players. These printable bingo cards are offered in standard or in customizable form.

Standard Printable Bingo Cards

These are the standard style bingo cards, mostly in the North American format with a 5x5 grid having numbers from 1 to 75 and the letters B, I, N, G, and O at the header and a free center square. These standard printable bingo cards are further differentiated on the basis of numbers per card.

Custom Printable Bingo Cards

Such Bingo cards can be customized as per your game essentials. You may enter your own word list with numerics and alphabets or symbols. Such bingo cards can be great for educational games, special events and buzzword. Custom printable bingo cards can be generated in 1, 2, or 4 per page formats.

Some web sites also offer different pre-made printable bingo cards templates with dozens of word lists including names, alphabets, USA places, Halloween Bingo, Valentines bingo or Christmas Bingo for special events. This way, you can make several unique bingo card games for making your special occasions more special.

Before actually getting these bingo cards printed, you are also allowed to preview your customized card. Printable bingo cards is a great way of making your house bingo games all the more exciting and fun-filled. Get your printable bingo cards now and get started with the exciting free bingo gaming session at your home.