Bingo Variation with the American Players

The American Bingo Mania!

Do you live in America and love playing bingo too? If your answer is affirmative, we are quite sure that 75-ball bingo game must be your passion!

75-ball bingo is the game that we Americans love to play and it is one bingo variation that resides in our hearts especially in the northern region of America and Canada.

But with the inception of the Internet bingo, the craze for this bingo variant has spread to all the corners of the world. And why not? The amount of entertainment and contentment that 75-ball bingo provides is surely unavoidable.

Let's find out more about this world famous bingo game.

  • In 75-ball bingo there is a 5X5 bingo card with 5 rows and 5 columns criss-crossing each other to form the web of 25 squares.

  • Out of these 25 squares, one square in the center is left empty and the remaining 24 squares are occupied by the numbers from between 1 and 75.

  • All 5 columns on a card are named after five alphabets of the word B-I-N-G-O and under every letter there is the set of 5 numbers.

  • Online bingo operates on the Random Number Generator system that randomly draws the bingo balls one by one.

  • Your goal is to match these numbers drawn to the numbers on your bingo card thus creating the stipulated bingo pattern in the game.

When it's about the bingo patterns, they reflect the soul of America. Like the diversity of the cultures in America, 75-ball bingo game features diverse bingo patterns to play on. And every pattern right from the standard coveralls and four corners to the crazy cruise ships and so on can make you go gaga over this exotic bingo variant.

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