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free deposit bonus There was a lot of speculation among players who were loyal to traditional hall-based Bingo, when they were told they could play Bingo online. The biggest reason was that players, who were loyal to the game, belonged to a generation which was not very tech savvy. Every day, many would don their best outfits and go to the local church or Bingo hall to enjoy the game that got everyone talking about it. With the promise to meet neighbors and friends all assembled under one roof, no one thought it would be the same to play Bingo online. Years have passed since that time and now, and those very people who were apprehensive about the online version of the game, play Bingo game online. The same people today interact with friends and family all over the world while they play Bingo online. Those who cared enough for the game, dared to try something new. In fact, taking the game online and encouraging players to play Bingo game online changed the traditional demographics of the game. The game which was always considered to be a sport for old ladies now belongs to all. There are men and women of all ages who play bingo games online happily. The business has grown from a mere five million a year to several billions! Statistics show that eight years ago, 88% of those who played Bingo were above 47 years of age. Today however, research suggests that 25% of the total Bingo playing population is around 35 years of age. Now Bingo websites are gearing up to lure 18-35 year players to play Bingo online. There is an abundance of websites where you can play bingo games online and win too. Next time when you are getting bored, hook up your computers and play free bingo no registration games online.