Blackout Bingo

Cover It All in the Online Blackout Bingo

Of all the various patterns of playing the online bingo game, the Blackout Bingo is the most difficult to play. Also known as coverall Bingo, Blackout Bingo is devised to prolong the time period of the game, making it an even more exhilarating experience fraught with nail biting moments and restless anticipation which increases the fun quotient of the game. In case of Blackout Online Bingo, unlike other patterns such as vertical Bingo, horizontal Bingo etc, covering just a line of 5 numbers won’t suffice; you actually have to cover all 25 spots on your bingo card. Keeping in mind the Bingo Free Space in the middle of the card, you will have to cover the remaining 24 spots to be declared a winner. Once all your squares are covered, only then can you heave a sigh of relief and shout ‘Bingo’ aloud. Agreed the game is a little long drawn but so is the thrill of winning, it's about the survival of the luckiest. Most usually the bigger jackpots are reserved for the Blackout games. Considering that there are a total of 24 spots to be covered the players have to concentrate and pay absolute attention to the Bingo Callers and the numbers being called out so that they do not miss any number and ruin their chance of winning the game. The complexity of the game ensures greater involvement and the promise of more excitement and pleasure. Yes, covering 24 spots is far from simple or easy, you would have to be tremendously lucky and fortunate to get it all done in around 40 calls. Generally Blackout Bingo games are wrapped up within 50-60 calls depending on how many players are in the bingo game. So if you are the one for tough challenges, this pattern is custom made for you. Enjoy and may lady luck shine on you!